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Deck Cadet / OS Exp on Oil tanker 116 000 DWT Georgii Alerov

Good day!I will be very grateful if you will consider my candidacy for the position of Deck Cadet or OS in Your Company.   Education: In August this year I graduated from “Admiral Makarov State University o Maritime and Inland Shipping”, on the specialty “Navigation”. 

 Experience: I have got an excellent seagoing tanker practice. I think the most important qualities for a seaman are responsibility, quick reaction and the ability to make the right decisions and actions in case of emergencies, and of course complying with safe working practice! There was often a need of various works during my practice. It is in this situation my best traits are shown — I am responsible and perform my duties carefully and scrupulously.  During my work in the fleet I have got the professional skills of work with various deck mechanisms. 

The scope of my competence:

— The paint works and other ship hull maintenance works;

— The underway watches on the bridge and port watch keeping at gangway;

— The watch keeping at helm;

— I perform works with anchoring, mooring and other deck devices; — I take part in cargo operations;

— Lubrication of units and mechanisms on the deck;

— I perform work related to cargo operations: during bunkering I provide FFE, I close the scuppers with rubber plugs and make sure there are no leaks; I like to receive new skills and knowledge on the specialty, to obtain experience and practice when working with a qualified crew in order to improve my own qualification and I like to do the self-education not only when I am board, but also when I am on the shore. I took courses in Maritime English, which allowed me to pass the Marlins test with the result of 85%. I can communicate in English at work without any problems. I have only positive charateristics from my previous places of work. My experience and knowledge help me to orientate and perform the set tasks quickly.  After the working day, I regularly visited the bridge and went into navigational business. This allowed me to expand successfully the scope of my practical knowledge. Practice heads noted a high level of motivation and competence in my work. 

Achievements and skills:

— The experience of underway and port watch keeping;

— The skills of helmsman and lookout sailor;

— The skills to steer the boats, use LSA;

— The skill to work in team;

— The good physical shape;

— The stress resistance.  Personal qualities and character traits:

— Concentration;

— Organized person;

— Attentiveness;

— High responsibility;

— Disciplined person;

— Endurance.

Additional Information: 

— I live an active healthy lifestyle; — I am a confident PC user, with knowledge of Word, Excel; — Confident English speaker.  Hobbies: Self-development, chess, English language. 

References: Characteristics and promotions from the previous places of work I am ready to present on demand.  If you are interested in my candidacy, you can contact me at any time: 

Phone: +7-996-776-41-51 

Skype: live:argent962 

WhatsApp & Telegram: +7-996-776-41-51

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