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3rd Officer, Merchant fleet, Alakbar Kerimov 18.12.1991

3rd Officer, Merchant fleet, Alakbar Kerimov 18.12.1991


Dear and esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen. 

       Before İ start, l would like to be considered as a candidate for the position of    3rd officer or AB of your reputable company. 

I am a resourceful, sharp, quick-witted, astucious, highly motivated and safety focused MARINE UNLIMITED OFFICER IN CARGE OF A NAVIGATIONAL WATCH. I have been experiencing in a variety of merchant fleet and supply industries as a Third Officer and have more than 6 years of service background in professional multilingual and multicultural environments in the merchant marine.  

 I graduated with the Master’s degree in Marine Navigation from the Volga State Academy of Water Transport, Astrakhan, Russian Federation in 2014. 

About myself: 

   I would like to tell briefly about my educational and professional backgrounds, interests, achievements and my goals. Thus, being a purposeful man, I really know what I want and strictly follow my own targets. My cultivation of my professional abilities and working on myself to ensure my career advancement, path and growth. In short time, I can make myself familiar with any new equipment on bridge or QSE systems and have clear reports of PSC from different ports. I am well –versed in tanker of vetting (OCIMF) inspection, always keep my all documents and papers in perfect condition onboard and strictly follow all company’s procedures. 

Like a team leader, I do not afraid of difficulties, take challenges and can easily find a common language with different ethnic and religious groups. 

I can easily learn and estimate the unfamiliar equipment, software and machines to gain of new experiences as well as strive to improve skills using various technical literature, programs and courses. My positive references and recommendation from previous companies can be provided, if necessary. 

         I wish to place my experience at your disposal. I strongly believe that my knowledge and skills can quite beneficial to your company. 

I have the honor to state that I would be interested in meeting with you to discuss further the possibility of my joining you and get to know your requirements. I want to be part Organization where I can not only flourish my skills, but also may help to achieve the objectives of the Organization. I am looking for a job about my profession and my knowledge. I consider myself to be honest, diligent, straightforward and ambitious person with good communication and interpersonal skills. Also, I am a good team player. 

Qualifications summary: 

I have necessary qualifications for the work in the following occupations:  

  • Navigational route planning & monitoring. 
  • Maintenance of LSA & FFE. 
  • Cargo handling.  I perform loading and discharging, tank cleaning 
  • Assist to Ch. Officer in cargo & ballast tank’s inspections 
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, Operating Systems. 
  • Knowledge of satellite communication systems on board and GMDSS equipment. 
  • Good experience of PSC, vetting inspections and internal audit. 
  • Responsible hardworking person with good Communication Skills and learning abilities. 
  • Good experience in cramped waters (River) 
  • I have courses in ASD ship handling 
  • I have the necessary skills in NSE 

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.   

Best Regards, 

Alekber Kerimov

3rd Officer  

Tel: +994 50 770 71 55

E-mail: AlikKerimov1991@mail.ru

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