Master, Tanker fleet, RUS, ROMAN BOGORODITSKIY

Looking for a job as a master. 17 years in the rank, trade zone — Mediterranean, North, Baltic, Black sea — including channels and locks. The positive experience of conducting various inspections, OCIMF, PSC. I can go as first officer, with sufficient salary. Seagull, CES, Marlin tests-8997%. There is experience of ice navigation and swimming in cool waters. The Schengen visa don’t valid, but maybe to prolongate, if require via 7-8 days.

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THIRD OFFICER or JUNIOR OFFICER Merchant fleet Aleksei Zenkin

My name is Zenkin Aleksei, I am 21 years old and I have a lot of maritime experience despite my young age, both in the merchant vessels and on small ships in tourism, since 2017 I have been at sea from time to time, as well as and 2020 which is not indicated in the CV. During this time, I managed to serve conscript service in the Russian Army, namely in the Marines of the Russian Navy, I also managed to visit a large number of warships and boats, on one of which I was involved in a special anti- terrorist operation and carried out a long voyage to the coast Syrian Arab Republic for which I was awarded with insignia, finished this service with the rank of Junior Sergeant as well as gratitude and many other merits. At the moment I am looking for a job at sea, all documents are ready. I will consider all offered vacancies and conditions.

Please pay attention to my application.

Best Regards, Aleksei Zenkin

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Master, Merchant fleet, Aleksandr Gritskul

Highly experienced chief officer is looking for a professional and top ranked shipowner. My work experience includes different types of the vessel, such as multipurpose, reefer, general cargo and bulk carriers with cranes and grabs, with experience of Dry-dock and New vessel take over. Working for a Chief Officer or Master position would be great for me.

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Chief Officer, Merchant fleet, Gorbachev Dmitrii 18.09.1983

Dear Sirs/Madams,
Please, kindly consider Application form of Chief officer Mr.Dmitrii Gorbachev that is attached.
He can work in mixed crew. He is ready and glad to show his knowledge and pass any of your tests.
> Level of English is very good.
> He has years of experience and he is ready to discuss conditions of contract.
> Valid USA visa.
> Date of joining the vessel: ASAP.
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