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Chief ETO, Offshore fleet, Kirkin Tykhon 20.06.1972

Chief ETO,  Offshore fleet, Kirkin Tykhon 20.06.1972

Good afternoon, With great hope and interest I send my application form for you consideration and approval. As per attached form you can see that my see service almost 25 yers and my present position is Chief ETO . For the past ten years, I worked as an Chief ETO in the offshore fleet, eight of whom worked at MRSV African Vision .

I used to work in differences type of the merchant and offshore (electric- propulsion) vessels and have excellent knowledge and troublеshooting with all types of the navigation , maneuvering, DP,PMS , propulsion systems and cargo cranes ( Macgregor 100t) I will be very appreciate if you give me the chance to be part of your Good team. Hope for long term permanent cooperation.

Thank you for your timing. Awaiting you our positive reply! All the best, ETO Tykhon Kirkin

Awaiting you our positive reply!

Mob. — 00380674830215

E-Mail – eto-dpm@hotmail.com

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