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Chief Officer, oil/chemical tanker fleet, Vadym Dotsenko, 1990

About Me
Will be glad to discuss any vacant position on oil/chemical tanker fleet. With good experience of cargo operations on variety of Annex 1 & Annex 2 products like MDI,PMDI,Caustic Soda,Acrylates (Butyl,Methyl),Alcohols (IPA,Isobutanol), Acids (Phosphoric,Sulphuric) & other chemical substances which requires special precautions in preparation & carriage of them. Quite familiar with tank-cleaning operations & passivation of stainless steel tanks.

Good experience with
operation on FRAMO Hydraulic system (all ships in my carrier were equipped with FRAMO Hydraulic pumps).

Sailing worldwide & having experience with different vetting inspections SIRE,CDI & PSC. I’ve been working a long time in multinational crews. Candidate with a good level
of English. Marlins TEST — 96% CES Test — 85% I believe I have the respect and patience, punctuality, confidence, creativity and practical knowledge, with good self iniative, with regards to safety &quality which I believe is essential to be apart of any ships company.

Tel: +380636180529

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