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THIRD OFFICER or JUNIOR OFFICER Merchant fleet Aleksei Zenkin

My name is Zenkin Aleksei, I am 21 years old and I have a lot of maritime experience despite my young age, both in the merchant vessels and on small ships in tourism, since 2017 I have been at sea from time to time, as well as and 2020 which is not indicated in the CV. During this time, I managed to serve conscript service in the Russian Army, namely in the Marines of the Russian Navy, I also managed to visit a large number of warships and boats, on one of which I was involved in a special anti- terrorist operation and carried out a long voyage to the coast Syrian Arab Republic for which I was awarded with insignia, finished this service with the rank of Junior Sergeant as well as gratitude and many other merits. At the moment I am looking for a job at sea, all documents are ready. I will consider all offered vacancies and conditions.

Please pay attention to my application.

Best Regards, Aleksei Zenkin

Phone mobile:+7 918 911 30 60

Email: Zenkin.Navigator@mail.ru

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